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Home Practice is Essential

New Hampshire Home Practice Driving is Required (40 Hours Must Be Logged)

  • An individual may practice driving of a non-commercial vehicle only on New Hampshire roadways provided they have attained the age of 15 1/2, carry proof of age (birth certificate), and are accompanied on the front seat by a parent, legal guardian, or other licensed adult who is 25 years of age or older.
  • An individual under the age of 18 is required to complete 40 hours of supervised home practice driving, in addition to the 10 hours required by driver education. The 40 hours must be logged, and supervised by a parent or legal guardian (or if there is no parent or legal guardian, a licensed adult over the age of 25).
  • Motorcycle license applicants are exempt from the additional 40 hours of driving time, provided they successfully complete the Motorcycle Rider Education Course, offered by the Division of Motor Vehicles.

Note: It is important that you drive at least 10 hours at night and in bad weather with your teenager before they're licensed.

Control Car Use After Teen Licensing

Establish car use rules before your teen gets their license.

  • When you feel ready, discuss with your teenager Car Use Rules, before the teen gets their license.
  • A useful aid in controlling car use, is to have a "Parent/Teen Driving Agreement." This contract can be found on page 51 and 52 in the "TEEN DRIVER" book; tear out page, or Download the "Parent/Teen Driving Agreement" courtesy of the National Safety Council.
  • Discuss this contract with your teen and come to an agreement!
  • To find various useful parent teaching guides visit: DriverEd.com.
  • We recommend the practice guides for the states: Idaho or Georgia.
  • Your child does not have the right to the car keys and a car just because they are old enough!
  • If you're not ready for your teenager to drive, DELAY driving for months or years.

Note: Parental permission is required for teen licensing, and can be withdrawn until the age of 18.

Master These Skills in a Vacany Lot, Before Entering Traffic!

Teaching Your Teenager is VERY DANGEROUS! (Start with an automatic transmission car)

  • Master starting and stopping, turning, and backing in an
    off-street area, before entering light traffic in a residential area.
  • Keep the speed low, under 25 mph! Be careful.
  • Think, "What if... ?" Expect the worst, it probably will happen.
  • Your new driver is inexperienced and will make mistakes.
  • Do not put yourself or your new driver in unnecessary danger.
Parents' First Drive Tips


  • Always wear safety belts.
  • Drive student to practice area.
  • Begin in an empty parking lot.
  • Get control before entering traffic.
  • Do not enter traffic until safe.
  • Always exercise caution.
  • Be prepared for the unexpected.


  • Always be ready to take control.
  • Keep calm, voice low and slow.
  • Give clear directions early:
    "Take a right before the red van."
  • Give a running dialogue of all events:
    "Watch car on right, check mirror,
    brake gradually. Stop!"


  • May hit wrong pedals.
  • Brakes hard, brakes late.
  • Confuses left and right.
  • Loses control in turns.
  • Drifts out of lane.
  • Drives too fast for conditions.
  • Fails to signal or use mirrors.