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More Driver Education Course Info:

Full Driver Education Course
(30 hours class, 10 hours driving, 6 hours observation.)

The complete program is designed for teenaged students, but is available to adults as well. The accelerated, six-week teenage course is broken down into three parts: classroom study, behind-the-wheel driving and observation. The course consists of 30 hours of classroom instruction (15 classroom sessions), 10 hours of on-the-road instruction, and 6 hours of in-car observation. To be enrolled a student must turn 16 before the class ends. New classes start approximately every two weeks. Successful completion entitles students 16 to 25 years of age to an insurance discount.

Class schedules run either 3:30-6 pm or 6:30-9 pm, Mon., Wed., Fri., OR Tue. & Thurs. Weekend classes run 11:30 am-2 pm or 2:30-5 pm.


Classroom Instruction

The classroom phase covers basic car control. driver attitude, defensive driving techniques, N.H. Motor Vehicle law, alcohol and drugs, city driving, rural driving, night driving, expressway driving, adverse weather conditions, emergency driving procedures, insurance and accident procedures.

We offer a comprehensive course in Driver Education. The classroom facilities include: an approved textbook, over a dozen VHS sound and color films on a big screen, an overhead projector series, a 35 mm slide series, a magnetic traffic board, student-prepared bulletin boards, pamphlets, posters, and handouts.


Behind-The-Wheel Driving

The ten hours of on-the-road instruction cover: pre-driving habits, right and left turns, backing, parking on hills, rural driving, city driving, lane changing, angle parking, parallel parking, head-in parking, passing and expressway driving. A student may not drive more than one hour per day nor more than two hours in one calendar week (Sun--Sat).


In-Car Observation

Students must observe six other student driving lessons in progress. We recommend that you watch another student on his/her driving lesson before you take your first driving lesson.


*Tuition: $585.

Payable by a $285. deposit at the time of sign up. This is refundable up to one day before the class starts minus a $40. processing fee. After class starts, $75. weekly payments are due until the balance is paid. For students over 18, the total tuition is due at the time of sign up.