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Car Available for State Road Test

Use of HDS Vehicle Agreement for State Road Test
These are the conditions of using an HDS car for your road test.
1. Student must be enrolled in a full driver ed class: with 30 hours classroom-6 hours of observation-10 in-car lessons and complete the course.
2. Must complete 20 hours of home practice or sign up for private driving lessons through our school. This would qualify the student for discounted driving lesson rate of 3 lessons for $99.
3. A student will be allowed to rent our vehicle to take state road test.
4. Cost of service is $150: which includes one practice test hour to assess whether the student is ready for their road test, and a 2 hour block for the DMV road test.
5. The student must meet instructor at 6 Temple St. and after the test they will be returned to 6 Temple St. whether they pass or fail.
6. Students must pay in advance for this service through the web site or paying in the office.
7. The student must reserve their 3 hour block of time in advance.
8. All reservations are taken on a first come, first serve basis.
9. The only people allowed in the driver ed vehicle besides the instructor and the student would be a parent or spouse.

Extra Home Practice Hours Available-Insert Otto Ad Card

Extra Home Practice Special: 3 Lessons for $99.

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