Please send a copy of your birth certificate to: 

Hampshire Driving School LLc

6 Temple St, Nashua NH 03060


•  To pay as you go, the total tuition is $725.

   (This is payable by a $200. deposit to sign up,

   then 3 bi-weekly weekly payments of $175.

   after class starts.)

•  If full tuition is paid before the first day of

    class, the cost is $695.  ($30. off!)

•  Payment is refundable up to one day before

    the class begins, minus a $40. processing fee.  

•  No refunds after first class. 


• To be enrolled, a student must turn 16 before the class ends.

• Students MUST ATTEND THE FIRST CLASS or they will lose their seat with no refund.
• We reserve the right to drop a student from program, for any reason, with or without refund.


• Students must give HDS a copy of their birth certificate on or before the first class.

• Students must give HDS the blue contract-permission slip signed by their parent/guardian. This is given out on the Parent Night meeting.  

• No on-road lessons will be given until we receive both of these requirements.

Thank you!

*NOTE: Registration is not assured

           until we confirm it with you. 

• To REGISTER for a CLASS: Use this form.

• To CANCEL class or lesson(s): Call (603) 882-7443 and leave a message.

• For QUESTIONS or to CONTACT the OFFICE please write to: