Note: The State of NH will allow students to fulfill the 6 hours of in-car observation at home with parents/guardians.Download the "At Home Observation Log" here:

A $30. fee is charged for any returned checks, or damaged/lost textbooks.
A $40. no show fee is charged for any scheduled driving lesson cancelled in less than 7 hours.
An $80. fee is charged to re-start in another class.

  • Total tuition is $725. to pay as you go. This is payable by a $200. deposit to sign up and is refundable up to one day before the class begins, minus a $40. processing fee.  No refunds after first class. 
  • After class begins, 3 bi-weekly payments of $175. are required until tuition is paid in full.
  • Students over 18 must pay the full, discounted tuition of $695.​
  • Gift certificates for any amount are available in our office.


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>To enroll online: CLICK HERE 

>To enroll by phone, call 603-882-7443

>To enroll by mail: send check, name, contact info and preferred start date to 6 Temple St, Nashua NH 03060

>To enroll in person: visit the office during open hours

$30. Scholarship (Pay it All at Once) for Students Under 18 

Read This Before Enrolling

  • 6 Week Courses for Teens and Adults
  • Afternoons or Evenings

• To be enrolled, a student must turn 16 before the class ends.

• Students must give a copy of their birth certificate on or before the first class AND a blue contract-permission slip signed by their parent/guardian.  No on-road lessons will be given until we receive this.
• Students MUST ATTEND THE FIRST CLASS or they will lose their seat with no refund.
• We reserve the right to drop a student from program, for any reason, with or without a refund.
More Driver Education Course Info

Our Projected 2021 Nashua Classes at 6 Temple St, Nashua

(A minimum of 10 students is required to run a class.)


Oct 26th

Dec 16th

Tue & Thu   6:30-9 PM


Oct 24th, Sunday 4:30-6 PM


More to come!



603/ 882-SHIFT (7443)

Pay-As-You-Go Plan for Students Under 18

Students missing more than 2 classes will be dropped from the program with no refund or class credit, except

for good cause.  The only accepted reasons are death in the family, sickness or injury.  All absences must be documented by a parent or doctor’s note; turn note into the classroom instructor at

the next class.  DRIVING EDUCATION RULE  Saf-C 3110.03 Section (e.) states:

“Absences due to good cause shall not exceed 4 hours.”

What's Involved in the Course


 To receive this Teen discount you must pay the full discounted tuition of $695. when enrolling. Also, you can pre-register for any future class and get this scholarship discount.

*NOTE: This offer cannot be combined with or replace other discounts.

Office Information

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30 hours of classroom attendance (15 classes), 10 hours of driving (goes beyond class end date) and 6 hours of in-car observation.  At course completion, the graduate receives a Driver Education Certificate along with additional necessary forms for teens to take to their driver licensing test.


"3-Time AMVET Trophy Winner - NH's Safest Teen Driver"

Incidental Fees


​​​​UPDATE as of June 10th, 2021:  Classes (from #1165 and on) are NOW face-to-face in the classroom at 6 Temple St, Nashua.
Masks are required. 
• NEXT  Parent Meeting: June 20th, June 27th, and July 11th 2021   Sunday 4:30—6 PM, via ZOOM. 
• Before the Parent Meeting, we'll send you a Zoom Invitation. In it will be dates and times for you to pickup your course packet. This packet has necessary forms and books for the Driver Ed program. Prior to the meeting, we'll send a Zoom invitation. Parents will need access to a video camera and speaker or headset. If you have trouble logging in, text Mr. Ekman at the telephone number included on the invitation. ​

• If you haven't yet, please be sure to send 2 EMAIL ADDRESSES: 1 for the student AND 1 for the parent in order to receive ZOOM invitations.

Ways to Register for Enrollment

6 Temple St, Nashua NH 03060

Office Hours: Mon—Thu  2:30-5 pm​​

Email Us  •  Call (603) 882-7443